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    Learn About Solar Panel Installation Cost

    Learn What the Solar Panel Installation Cost is in the San Marcos, TX area. 

    How Solar Works

    how solar works - lower your power bill with Abundant Solar

    The sun gives off light, even if it’s cloudy outside...

    When the sunlight hits the solar panel, it ‘excites’ the electrons and gives them enough energy to move, and when a bunch of electrons start to move along in the same direction, we have electricity. This type of electricity is called direct current or DC electricity.

    An Inverter is necessary to take the DC electricity generated by the solar panels and turns that power into alternating current, or AC electricity, that’s what you need to power your home or commercial solar installation.

    This AC electricity flows into your home through a meter, where you are then able to run appliances, turn on your light switches, powering every room in your home, storing any unused power or sending it on to the grid for others to use.

    At night, when there is no more sunlight, your system will automatically begin to draw on the power you collected during the day, when you use the rest of that power, your system will automatically switch to grid power, keeping a seamless flow of energy into your home or commercial solar installation, without you even knowing the difference.

    Simply view your electrical usage and monitor as you like using your personal smartphone to lower your power bill.

    4 Easy Steps to Going Solar

    We’ll Design Your Perfect Solar Panel System

    We’ll Design Your
    Perfect Solar Panel System

    Schedule Your Installation

    Schedule Your

    Enjoy Monthly Savings On Your Electricity Bill

    Enjoy Monthly Savings On Your Electricity Bill

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    “Service was prompt and they kept us informed on each step. Install was professionally completed and coordinated timely with CPS Energy and our household for appointments and details involved.

    We MUST thank their staff for what we can only say expert and professional guidance and friendly attitude that will put any customer at ease and make them like us, informed and satisfied as clients and new Abundant Solar family members.”

    Elridge Raymond / SA, Texas

    The entire installation process went really well. The owner is a very respectable gentlemen, knowledgeable, professional. That alone gives you confidence because you know you are good hands.”

    - Felipe Vega / Schertz, Texas

    “I'm really pleased with the result, it saved me a lot of money.”

    - Alice Burris / Kyle, Texas

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