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Fred Brimhall - Abundant Solar, LLC

Where We Began - About Us

Abundant Solar, LLC began in 2012, back when solar was barely getting started. Demand for residential solar was just beginning.

Since then, manufacturing of solar equipment as increased exponentially.

This has lowered the cost of going solar dramatically and so began the strong residential market demand for solar power.

From our Family to Yours

We started as a family owned business in San Marcos, Texas. Soon, we expanded to Austin and San Antonio. Today we specialize in serving all surrounding areas of San Marcos, Texas within a 25 mile radius.

Our goal was to help empower families and small business owners to make a smart choice on their electric power provider. As such, we greatly desired to be part of the solution.

Along the way, we have learned many lessons. For example, our customers each have their own desire to be a part of the solution to cleaner energy. Many customers have figured out how by choosing clean solar power as a way to accomplish this desire.

About Lessons Learned

Another key difference about Abundant Solar is how we learned the importance of having battery backup. In our recent massive power outage here in Texas, Many Texans were not prepared for such an extended outage.

To get through 'rolling blackouts', one such solution is to have power to essentials such as a water pump, cooking appliance, HVAC, lights, Internet and television.

Having stored electrical energy is a key way to accomplish powering these essential items for you and your family. So we deep dived learning all we could about the most reliable setups to store electrical power.

Along our journey, we have realized that not all battery backup systems are created equal. We would love to help educate you and your family on time tested, reliable solutions so that you may enjoy the peace of mind of having a fully tested and functional battery backup system at your home or business.

Have an Electric Vehicle?

If you have an EV, you understand the importance of keeping it charged for any type of transportation need. Having an at home or business charging system is essential.

EV chargers are need everywhere. At home, where we shop, church, apartments, schools, existing fuel locations, etc.

Yes, we have a long way to go before we get to this point. However, in the meantime, your home is a great place to start and probably the most important.

Did you know that your home solar system can be integrated into your EV charging system in an affordable way?

We did a lot of research before we found a compact, reliable and very easy to operate EV charging station for homeowners as well as other commercial, retail or municipal property operators.

To Summarize About Us

We love solar! We love helping people and educating on both the pros and cons of going solar.

Our electrical experience of more than 25 years before beginning to install solar power on homes and businesses in the greater San Marcos area, was critical to our success of understanding how solar installations should be done to bring the greatest amount of satisfaction to you, our customer.

Our only regret is that more people have not taken advantage of the great incentives available now, before these incentives expire. This includes the Renewable Energy Credit Program recently introduced by the city of San Marcos.

Service Areas

As mentioned above, we specialize in serving all surrounding areas of San Marcos, Texas within a 25 mile radius. These service areas include a mix of small towns and larger towns such as Buda, Canyon Lake, Dale, Driftwood, Dripping Springs, Fischer, Hunter, Kyle, Lockhart, Luling, McQueeny, Manchaca, Martindale, Maxwell, Mustang Ridge, New Braunfels, Niederwald, Prairie Lea, Redwood, Seawillow, Sequin, Uhland, Wimberley, Woodcreek and even Zipp.

Learn More

Please give us a call today to learn more. Feel free to ask us any solar related questions you may have. Find out if solar, battery backup or EV charging makes sense for you. We have the answers to help guide you on your journey to give you a great feeling of going green while providing you peace of mind for years to come.

Best Regards,

Fred Brimhall
Abundant Solar, LLC