Solar in Kyle

Abundant Solar in Kyle, TX Will Help You On Your Journey to Reliable Solar Power for $0 Down & 100% Financing Options.

Solar in Kyle, TX

Solar in Kyle

Abundant Solar in Kyle, Texas should be your go to destination for solar power installations in Kyle. Why? Because we know solar in Kyle and have the experience necessary to make it a successful transition for you and your family. 

A Brief History of Power for Texans

During the past decade (including early 2011 and the great power outage of February 2021 leaving over 4.3 million people without power). Texans have endured more than it's fair share of power outages. Fundamental differences for Texans include that our power grid is largely separate from the rest of the country. 

Firstly, the state generates its own electricity and really doesn't take part in trading energy with neighboring states. This was done to avoid being subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Secondly, being independent has mostly worked out for Texans. This is due to rich energy reserves of both the hydrocarbon variety and wind or solar generation.

Thirdly, and most importantly, due to population increases and a straining infrastructure, these systems have come under increasing electrical demand. Add to that poor planning leading to more catastrophic power failures with no end in sight.

ERCOT Control Center - Solar San Marcos

More Outages and Rate Hikes Coming for Texans

It only makes sense with more demand and less supply that two things will be happening in our great Texan future. More power outages and higher prices per kilo watt hour leading to possible budget strains for your home or business. Add to that a strong possibility of getting caught in the dark with no power. This gives way to hypothermia for you and your family members.

Abundant Solar Can Get You the Peace of Mind You Deserve for Solar in Kyle

Fortunately, teaming up with a Kyle solar company like Abundant Solar now makes total sense and is more affordable than ever. Therefore because Kyle has plenty of daily sunshine, you'll have plenty of solar power to control your electric bills. Charge an optional battery storage system and protect your home or business from dangerous power outages. These benefits also reduce your carbon footprint for many decades to come. 

How to Go Solar in Kyle

It all starts with scheduling a free consultation. We understand solar in Kyle and it's unique challenges. Whether it be how your roof faces, impending trees or other obstacles and how to best optimize a system for your particular needs and situation. 

Combine this with an area net energy metering program that allows you as a residential solar customer, to earn credits for the electricity that you'll be adding back to the grid. This becomes a very promising pros vs. cons scenario where these pros outweigh any potential downsides to going solar in Kyle.

Why Abundant Solar for the Kyle Area?

Above all, Abundant Solar San Marcos has over 25 years of electrical and professional solar installations in the Kyle area. We take great pride in helping our neighbors with their solar needs. Yes, we can most likely lower your power bill and give you peace of mind including an easy to use monitoring app for your phone or other mobile device. You can learn more about us here.

Want to learn more about how solar works? Click here to see our very helpful diagram on our home page. It shows start to finish as a picture diagram (with helpful definitions) and is worth a thousand words.

Texas Solar Incentives, Rebates & Tax Credits

Right now is a great time to go solar in San Marcos, TX. The expiring tax credits are here now and allow savings of 26% on your solar in Kyle experience. For example, if your solar energy system costs $20,000, your federal solar tax credit would be $20,000 x 26%, or $5,200. That's $5,200 back in your pocket! For instance, this federal tax credit falls to 22% at the end of 2022.

Net energy metering is yet another incentive, where you get full retail credit for the amount of electricity you send back to the grid with your solar panels. Other area providers vary on this and some of them even offer rebates as well. Contact us to learn more for your particular property and provider.

Don't Get Caught in the Dark with Generac® PWRCell

After the 2021 Texas power outage, many Texans wondered how they could fare better in a future power outage. Remember that more than 4.3 million were without power during some of the coldest nights on record.

The good news is, that you can fare much better when you're using a battery storage system from Generac®. Generac's PWRCell is just the solution and can be added to your solar installation making a perfect option especially with low rate financing available to home and business owners. Learn more here.

Do You Have an Electric Vehicle?

If you are a proud owner of an electric vehicle (EV), then one of the best ways to keep your vehicle charged and ready for action, is to have your very own solar powered EV charging station. Loop has just the answer and Abundant Solar is a proud factory trained distributor for Loop EV chargers. It's super sleek and compact and comes with a real time load manager and smartphone app. Learn more about Loop EV chargers here.

Abundant Solar Journeys Start at Little to $0 Down

100% Financing Options are available. To see if this makes sense for you and your family or small business, schedule a free consultation now. Afterwards, you'll be empowered with all the information in hand to make an educated decision about going solar in Kyle. We'll help you through the entire process including permits and tax credits.

Get Started Today

It's easy and it's enlightening to see how much you can save. In addition, saving green and reducing emissions are at the core of solar in Kyle. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.