Solar Panel Installation Cost and What You Need to Know

Learn What the Solar Panel Installation Cost is in the San Marcos, TX area.

Everything You Need To Know About Solar Panel Installation Cost.

Many homeowners have embraced renewable energy in their households in San Marcos, TX. The increased demand is due to reduced costs and significant solar savings that are associated with this energy. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory 2017 cost report, the charges on residential solar panel systems have been decreasing by a whopping sixty-one percent since 2010. This factor has made the solar panel installation cost more affordable.

What Affects Solar Panel Installation Cost?

Many factors affect the installation cost. They include the cost of the system, its size, the roof as well as tax. For instance, an average American home would use a 6-kilowatt unit. The typical price per watt for a solar installation in the United States is two dollars and fifty cents. So if you multiply 6,000 watts by $2.50, you get $15,000. But this is without the federal income tax credit that stands at twenty-six percent of your balance. Currently, the tax credit of 26% is redeemable as $3,250 when you file your income taxes. The city of San Marcos, TX, also has a two thousand five hundred dollar rebate.

What Is The Net Cost of Our Example Solar Installation?

When you remove $3,250 and $2,500 from $15,000; you get a net charge of $9,250. But other factors can cause this price to be on the high end, for instance, the size of the system you wish to install. Homeowners can choose from 5KW the average size to 6KW, 10KW as well as 15KW. The bigger the system, the more energy is being produced and more energy savings in the long run.

How Is My Solar Panel Installation Sized?

The size you choose will depend on your energy needs at home. For example, if you possess a 1,500 square foot home with a few appliances, your energy requirements will differ from a homeowner who owns a house sitting in a 3,000 square foot. The best way to determine the size of the system your house needs is by running an analysis of your energy bill.

The price of installing the solar panel may vary from one state to the other. But it is somewhat similar across the board. The prices of almost all states fall within fifty cents of the $ 2.96 per watts average, as stated earlier. Here in San Marcos, Texas, we enjoy great sunshine and lower overall prices. Of course, the area you reside in will affect how much you will get in savings.

How Does My Roof Affect Solar Panel Installation Cost?

The kind of roof installed in your home will also affect the price of installation. Some roofs are perfectly structured for this type of installation, while others are not. Some may have skylights, multiple levels, and steep pitches that need special planning. Taking the extra time in planning will ensure the overall efficiency of the system. The cost of undertaking such processes will affect the overall price of installing solar panels.

What Else Affects the Price of My System?

The technician you go for when you wish to install the system will also influence the overall price. Different firms have different quotes. Get a company that uses efficient equipment at affordable rates. Get in touch with us to receive the quality and satisfactory services you deserve.

These are what will determine the overall price of the installation. But regardless of these factors, the prices have reduced across the board. The lowered costs make switching to renewable energy a must.

What Equipment Will Be Going into My Solar Panel Installation Cost?

We have a helpful article on how and why solar if you're needing a refresher. Aside from this, you'll need equipment to harness the power of the sun. This equipment will turn that energy into usable, renewable electricity for your home. Here's a shortlist of the basics needed:

Abundant Solar Panel Installation Cost and Panel Types

Solar Panels

Not all solar panels are created equal. Much of what goes into your solar panel installation cost depends on the solar panel type and brand you use.

Monocrystalline and polycrystalline are the two types of panels on the market today. They work similarly, with monocrystalline having a lower profile in appearance. They also have a better efficiency rating and a generally higher cost associated with those benefits.

We understand which panel type works best for each condition, demand, and roof style. Therefore, this is something that we go over in detail after our roof survey.

Solar Panel Installation Cost includes Racking System

Racking System

What is a racking system? We cannot install solar panels directly on your roof. Instead, we employ a racking system. We engineer the rack to maximize your energy received from the sun while minimizing the impact on your roof. Racking systems come in many shapes and sizes, including design differences.

Our quality racking system goes into the solar panel installation cost. Let us chat about which may be the best option for your needs once we complete your roof survey.

Solar Inverter


Once installed, the electricity generated from your installed solar panels is DC power. Most homes and businesses use AC power, and we use an inverter to accomplish this task. Inverters also come in many shapes and sizes. It all depends on the requirements of the installed solar panel system.

For example, a 6 kW system will typically take a similar sized 6,000-watt grid-tied inverter. Professional installation of inverters is required. Therefore it is best to have inverters permanently installed by qualified, licensed electricians in the field.

solar monitoring with solar panel installation cost

Monitoring System

Today's monitoring systems let you monitor how effectively your system is running. These monitors are generally mounted in the home or business. These allow you to see much energy your solar system generates per hour.

Therefore, it's easy to see key metrics at a glance. Items such as financial performance, power consumption, personal consumption, and even how much power will be required to charge your electric vehicle.

Monitoring systems help you lower your electricity bills over time. Available apps on your smartphone allow for easy 24/7 monitoring.

Generac PWRCell Battery Storage

Battery Storage

One of our mottos is, don't get caught in the dark. Would you like to avoid electrical disasters like the February 2021 great power outage? Consider employing battery storage.

Generac's PWRCell has an expandable battery capacity offered in 3 kWh increments up to 18 kWh per battery enclosure.

The PWRCell has the potential to parallel battery enclosures for an additional 18 kWh per enclosure. These enclosures add to your peace of mind during unforeseen power outages. While battery storage does add to solar panel installation cost overall, it has many advantages over non-storage systems.

Cost of Materials for Installation

So far, we've covered the major equipment that goes into a typical solar panel installation cost. Our installers use wire, disconnects, tie-downs, and clamps., We also use fasteners, breakers, terminations, etc. These items add to a completed and professional installation.

Labor and Overhead Fees

The labor that goes into a professional solar panel installation is quite involved. Factory-trained and qualified technicians are a must. A licensed journeyman electrician to install all high voltage wiring and devices is a requirement. Stocked trucks help to reduce multiple trips to your home or business. We also use ladders, safety equipment to keep our people safe in the air and on the ground. Back at the office, a lot of time goes into making sure you'll have a correctly sized and optimized system. Our office has people to apply for the correct permits with the city and utility. Finally, insurance for the business goes into the solar panel installation cost.

Maintenance Fees

When shopping for a solar panel installation contractor, be sure to ask about the maintenance fees. Some cover these fees for one year, others not at all. Some offer extended maintenance agreements to handle any unforeseen issues that may arise.

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